Are All Essential Oils Made The Same?

Essential Oils

Are all essential oils made the same?

That would be a big fat NO!

Unfortunately, the essential oil industry is barely regulated at all! For a company to make the claim that their bottle of oil is “100% organic” they only need to include 5% of actual plant matter.

This has led to most store-bought “essential oils” containing a TINY portion of real plant extract along with a BIG portion of all kinds of synthetic chemical fillers & additives! These fillers are a cheap way for companies to mass-produce their product and make a quick buck off of anyone looking for something labelled as a healthier alternative.

These cheap oils give pure grade essential oils a bad name. They don’t hold up to any of the therapeutic claims you read about and they make prices seem inflated when you're no longer paying for chemicals but real plant extract. Personally, I choose Young Living because of their Seed to Seal practice which ensures your essential oils will only be the highest quality!

They hand weed and use particular essential oils within their farming practice instead of spraying pesticides and they are able to guarantee this by owning the majority of their own farms (which you can visit by the way)! They assure the soil on any farm they purchase has been chemical-free for at least 50 years prior to planting. Not to mention Young Living conducts ethical farming practices and makes sure all of their employees and plants are well looked after!

They are one of the only companies to have their oils approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and require third party testing for all of their oils before they're ready to be sold. So you know their oils will actually do what they claim to do!

These are just some of the reasons that set Young Living apart from other companies, but please feel free to do some research of your own! Unfortunately not all essential oils are good for us and it's important that as the consumer we do the digging necessary to obtain all the information so we can make an educated decision for our health & wellness!

Love, Dale and Riley.

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