How to integrate crystal into your life


Crystals are a wonderful go-to for so many things, from mindfulness to inspiration, from healing to protection.

Here are a few ways that you can easily weave using crystals into your everyday lifestyle.

1. Carry a crystal with you wherever you go. Put it in your pocket, bag, bra or car. Remember to interact with it, especially when you need support. If you're feeling happy, hold it, if you're feeling sad, hold it. Program your crystal to your frequency and emotional output.

2. Use crystals in the shower or bath and have an extra cleansing time. Remember to check online if your crystal is water safe.

3. Pop a few crystals into your pillowcase or get a little pouch and put them under your pillow.

4. Use them in meditation. Either hold a crystal or place them on or around you whilst you meditate.

5. Expand your yoga practice and keep a selection of crystals at the top of your yoga mat.

6. Make a focal point in a prominent space in your house. Interact with them when you walk past. Smile.

7. Decorate your window sill.

We hope you can take all or most of these methods into effect in your own lifestyle.

Love, Dale and Riley.

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