How to take care of your crystals


To those not interested in the energy side of things, crystals are effectively pretty decorations, and at their most complicated they are a healing tool that emits vibrational energy for all purposes. There is a crystal for any and every situation. A crystal for every day of the week, for every season, for any weather, for every mood. Not to worry, crystals are super low maintenance.

When it comes to taking care of and using your crystals, that part is super easy!

Crystals emit high-frequency vibrational energy. Energy so stable that we can easily attune our energy to theirs. This is how we are able to release our emotional and physical drains, passing them onto the crystal. After a while, your crystals memory can get full and needs to be cleansed.

How to Cleanse A Crystal: There are many different ways to cleanse a crystal. The most common way to do so is by using the power of a full moon. When it comes time for a full moon, you can either place your crystals on your window sill or somewhere safe outside, making sure they will be in direct moonlight. Fun fact: Moonlight simultaneously cleanses and charges your crystals!

You can also cleanse your crystals with salt water (as long as the crystal is water safe), smoke, and you can even use Selenite! Stay tuned for a post-in-depth on cleansing your crystals.

Charging Your Crystals: When we charge a crystal, it stores energy from the source, allowing it to work stronger and for longer. You can charge your crystals by leaving them in direct sun or moonlight for 12-24 hours. Fun fact: A full moon symbolizes new beginnings and is the optimal source for charging your crystals.

That's all there is to it.

Stay tuned for a post on how to use your crystals for a more spiritual connection, coming soon on Sunday 29th of August!

Love, Dale and Riley!

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