Love Thy Tumbles


To many, tumbled stones are just beginner crystals or ideal little companions to take with you wherever you go when you can't fit your favourite generator in your bra. They deserve so much more love than the title of 'an entry-level crystal'.

A crystal becomes tumbled after a stressful one to two-week period of brutalizing terror as it's thrown around against other crystals until smooth.

After such an exhausting activity it's so important to give your tumbles some love and cleanse them often. Give them a purpose, program them to your energy level, and set your intentions for them. Think of them as your pet, the more love, and attention you give your crystals, the harder they'll work for you.

Here are some unique ways to use your tumbles for more love in your life:

1. Use them to create an altar space.

2. Put them in your plants!

3. And my personal favourite,
place them around your room to create a massive crystal grid.

More on these hot tips coming soon!!

Love, Dale and Riley.

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