Top 10 Essential Oils To Rely On During Pregnancy!

Essential Oils Pregnancy

These are the top 10 Essential Oils I have been relying on throughout my pregnancy!!

1. Abundance, to help me magnify all the beauty in my life and invite in new blessings along this journey!

2. Frankincense, to keep my mind, body and spirit grounded and stabilised. I also use this in my belly & skin oil! 🙌🏼

3. Orange, to keep any anxieties at bay! I have also been using this one in the diffuser a lot, both night & day for its uplifting aroma.

4. Stress Away, a stress heads beat friend! 😅 I have been using this religiously during my pregnancy for its comforting and relaxing presence! This one also makes for the perfect natural perfume. 🤤

5. Peace & Calming, has always been a go-to for me along with Stress Away (two of my fav starter bundle oils by the way) but I have found this to be so handy during this time! I roll it on morning and night to help bring me back to Earth. This will definitely be one I will incorporate into bubs routine! 😇

6. Awaken, to help me realign with my goals and help me focus in on my work to get the most out of my day! This oil has seriously kicked my butt into gear.

7. Sacred Mountain, for all those spiritual needs! I have been doing a lot of inner work during this process and this is my go-to for everything from my meditation to getting me out of those tough mental situations. Plus it has frequency raising abilities! 😌

8. Valor, is another starter bundle fav and one I will be using the whole way through, even into my labour! I am a serious jaw clencher (reminder, unclench your jaw) and this is perfect for letting go of that tension! As an added bonus if you're a wannabe extrovert like me who is really a hardcore introvert, this bad boy helps with courage and getting you out of that shell! 🙈

9. Lavender, an absolute staple for any oiler. Mine has been getting a workout these past few months for literally everything! 👏🏼 I’m talking sleep assist, calming vibes, breakouts, cramps, headaches, you name it, I probably use Lavender to solve it! 🤣

10. Last but not least, Joy! 🤗 I hadn’t used this oil before I fell pregnant but it has very quickly become a favourite of mine! It promotes love and happiness as the name might suggest, but has also connected me with those closest to me! 💕

Love, Dale and Riley.

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