Top Tips For Fighting Off The Winter Blues

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We all know the colder months can sometimes bring with them the winter blues, who let's face it, is nobody's friend!

Lack of energy, changes in sleep patterns, feelings of hopelessness and even depression. We are most affected this way during winter because of the minimal sunlight during the daytime which decreases serotonin levels! You wouldn't be human if you haven't woken up, on at least one cold winter's day, and wanted to stay in bed, but we are here to share our top tips with you for getting the most out of those colder winter days.

Our favourite way to cope with the winter blues is by using Essential oils! All Essential oils have healing properties, making them the perfect support during the winter months! We are able to rely on them to boost our immune system and wellness to help fight off those nasty colds that often tag along. They also provide incredible frequency raising abilities, which help to raise our overall energy allowing our physical, emotional and mental bodies to feel lighter. Read more on frequency raising here.

Another method we find perfect for fighting off the winter blues is of course Crystals! There are a few well-known gems perfect to work with during the wintertime such as black tourmaline for its protection properties & selenite for its ability to cleanse energy and spaces. Some of our favourites to work with are Citrine for warmth, colour and to provide support during times of transition and inner growth! Lepidolite, which is perfect for those low energy days and feelings of anxiousness. Lepidolite is in fact composed of lithium, a common element of most anti-depressant & mood stabilising medication! And of course, we have to mention the ever so trusty Clear Quartz! It is such a staple healer and pretty much perfect for any season. Most commonly known for its ability to clear all the chakras, it promotes peace and patience within!

Some other handy tips for combating the winter blues could be as simple as
❄️ Wearing bright and bold colours to add some fun to your day.
❄️ Hot beverages and meals to fill your body with not only nutrition but to warm up your joints!
❄️ Snuggling up with a good book or movie and getting cosy.
❄️ And probably a given, but getting out in the sun whenever it peeps through the clouds, soaking up that much-needed vitamin D!!

These are just the top tips we find most effective for the winter months and we hope they help you get the most out of the cold season!

Love, Dale and Riley.

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