Prim - Milk Bath
Prim - Milk Bath
Prim - Milk Bath

Prim - Milk Bath

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Prim Milk Bath
refresh | soothe | revive

Prim is gentle with loving and caring energy. Her nurturing essence will help you relax in love and luxury, soothing your body and mind and providing an uplifting bliss. She will help you gain emotional strength and balance, whilst promoting spiritual attunement and growth.

- Coconut Milk Powder
- Bentonite Clay
- Açaí Powder
- Dried Rose Petals
- Chia Seeds
- Coconut Oil
- Jasmine Essential Oil

This product is made from 100% organically sourced ingredients.

Approximately: 40g

- Not suitable for pregnant women
- Keep away from children
- Please seek your GP's advice before use
- This product is not to be used as a substitute for modern medicine
- We recommend you complete a patch test first to check for any irritation

Prim - Milk Bath