EO Blends

- Not suitable for pregnancy. If nursing, seek your GP's advice before use.
- If you suffer from a serious health condition, please consult your GP before use and discontinue if any symptoms occur.
- Citrus oils may cause photosensitivity.
- This product is not to be used as a substitute for modern medicine.
- We recommend you complete a patch test first to check for any irritation.
- Not suitable for ingestion.
- Keep away from children.


Where can I use my Essential Oil Blends?


Asteria - Sleep:

Use this essential oil blend throughout your wind-down routine and before bed to calm your body so you may endure pure relaxation. Allow your body to reach is limits of rest and recovery in complete spirituality.

Clementine - Uplifting:
Use this helpful oil to help balance your emotional body and bring joy into your daily routine. Clementine will give you the happiness needed to take on any challenge in life no matter the roadblock.

Delphine - Hormone Balance:
Delphine can provide support to your physical body when you're feeling out of balance and out of sync with the universe. She can help regulate and stabilise moods, providing a stress-free comfort.

Elspeth - Mindfulness:
Elspeth is here to guide you through the mental jungle of your mind. Her subtle aroma will help you to be more aware of your actions, allowing in-depth thought to take place with time for it to process.

Fallon - Focus:
This heavy concoction of natural essential oils will help keep your mind focussed on the task at hand whilst allowing healthy and constructive rest to take place when it is needed.

Judith - De-Stress:
This powerful blend of essential oils can be used to calm an overactive and stressful mind. Release the stress within, take a deep breath of fresh, lively air and carry on about your day in peace and harmony.

Juniper - Energy:
Juniper is an ally here to help you get up and go. The strong aroma of the essential oils in this mixture will help provide you with a healthy energy boost like no other. Allow your spiritual body to attune to a higher life force and take on the world.

Morpheus - Dream Drops:
Morpheus, derived from the ancient Greek word meaning form shape, is the god of sleep. Use this essential oil blend throughout your wind-down routine and before bed to bless your rest time with clarity in dreams and to ward off nightmares.

Nevaeh - Clarity:
This powerful concoction can be used to provide a clear frame of mind, allowing imagination, intuition and clarity to flow from your spiritual body to your physical outlook. Indulge in the juices of knowledge.