Where can I use my eo blends?

Skin: Apply topically, massage into target areas to soothe. Apply to hands, inhale or wear as a fragrance.

Hair: Apply to your hands and massage your scalp to promote hair growth, and balance oil-producing glands, lessening dandruff. Essential oils can also improve the strength of hair follicles.

Forehead: The forehead, neck and temples, are target areas for dealing with feelings of stress and tension.

Temples: Applying essential oils to your temples can help to reduce headache symptoms, relieve stress, promote sleep, focus and mental stability.

Ears: Apply to the back of your ears to assist with mental related issues.
Use behind your ears to soothe ear-related discomfort (never use inside ear canal).

Neck: Use on the back of your neck for general application and to soothe headache symptoms and mental issues, to promote sleep and focus, bring your hormones into balance, and ease discomfort. Apply to the base of your skull for emotional and mood support and to relieve stress.

Chest: Apply to your chest to lessen congestion, allergy symptoms, the common cold, flu, asthma and for general application.

Heart: Apply over your heart to improve circulation, blood pressure, resolve anxiety and mental issues.

Abdomen: Massage over your abdomen to soothe stomach ache, gas, nausea, digestive upset and menstrual symptoms. Can also bring hormones into balance.

Back: Apple to the spine for immune support and to soothe nerve pain. Use on lower back to soothe back pain and balance hormones.

Arms: Apply to your arms for relaxation.

Wrists: General application.

Hands: Use to soothe arthritis.

Muscles and Joints: Apply to soothe pain.

Legs: Use to lessen inflammation.

Feet: The bottom of your feet is where all body systems and nerves come to an end, making it the perfect place for general application.