Green (Brown) Jasper (Extra Large)
Green (Brown) Jasper (Extra Large)
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Green (Brown) Jasper (Extra Large)

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Green (Brown) Jasper

This is Jasper attuned to the energy of the Earth.

Green Jasper provides balance, both healing and releasing disease and obsession. It protects against negative energy, restoring harmony to the emotional body, bringing the courage needed to express and accept experiences. Green Jasper encourages resistance, improving your aspect of control over your thoughts and actions. Aligned with the root and heart chakra, it keeps you grounded whilst enhancing joy, love and inner peace.

Brown Jasper is an earth symbol and encourages one to form a deeper ecological awareness of the plant. It is known to provide stability and balance, as well as facilitate a state of healthy, deep meditation, allowing you to centre your spiritual body.

Average Size: Over 30g