Hale - Milk Bath
Hale - Milk Bath
Hale - Milk Bath

Hale - Milk Bath

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Hale Milk Bath
ease | relieve | repair

Hale is an energizer worthy of your time. She will help you to refresh and revitalise as you soak away any sadness and pain that you've been holding onto, allowing you to absorb energy and take on the world.

- Coconut Milk Powder
- Bentonite Clay
- Dried Pineapple
- Calendula Flowers
- Coconut Oil
- Tangerine Essential Oil
- Lemon Essential Oil
- Lemon Grass Essential Oil

This product is made from 100% organically sourced ingredients.

Approximately: 40g

- Do not use if pregnant
- Please seek your GP's advice before use
- This product is not to be used as a substitute for modern medicine
- We recommend you complete a patch test first to check for any irritation
Hale - Milk Bath