Mother of Pearl Shell Ovals (Large)
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Mother of Pearl Shell Ovals (Large)

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Large Mother of Pearl Shell Ovals from Broome, WA.

Rainbow Intensity: 4/5

Approximately: 18 x 25mm, < 1.5g

Mother of Pearl, also known as Nacre, is a glowing, pearlescent material produced by some molecules that forms an iridescent layer inside of shells. It is also the same material that forms pearls. Mother of pearl is known as the protection stone of the ocean and can provide gentle healing power and a calming feeling to the emotions. In addition, it can be used to relieve stress and stimulate intuition, creativity, adaptability and provides balance to oneself. Mother of pearl is believed to provide a sense of motherly love and protection from negative energy which makes this a great piece for the little ones. It is also known to activate the solar plexus and throat chakras.