Ophelia - Bath Salts

Ophelia - Bath Salts

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Ophelia Bath Salts
release | peace | rest

This blend of lavender and chamomile is a calm luxury. Sprinkle this in your bath and indulge in the deep depths of purity and peace. Relax and release the tension within you, totally surrendering to the healing power of Ophelia.

- Epsom Salt
- Magnesium Chloride
- Chamomile Flowers
- Lavender Buds
- Coconut Oil
- Lavender Essential Oil
- Chamomile Essential Oil
- Peppermint Essential Oil
- Orange Essential Oil

This product is made from 100% organically sourced ingredients.

Approximately: 175g

This is a messy product which may require some cleanup afterwards.
If you wish to contain most of the mess, we have included a muslin bag.
We recommend you place your desired serving of bath salts inside the bag and place it into your bath.

- Not suitable for pregnant women
- Keep away from children
- Please seek your GP's advice before use
- This product is not to be used as a substitute for modern medicine
- We recommend you complete a patch test first to check for any irritation