Plant and Garden
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Plant and Garden

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Tumbles for your plants and garden, with/ Clear Quartz, Moss Agate, Moonstone and Malachite.

Yeah, that's right, crystals can help your plants grow too! Moonstone is said to help plants regenerate lost cells faster and promote deep root growth. Moonstone is in fact a symbol of fertility and is said to make your plants happy. Clear Quartz is THE master healer and despite its endless positives for our body, it is an excellent stone for your garden, known to create fertile soil. Moss Agate is the perfect gardening tool for creating a connection between you and your plants, promoting natural grounding, strengthening your connection to nature, and as a bonus is known to bring vitality to your plants. Finally, Malachite. The stone of fertility and vegetation, used by ancient Egyptians, encourages growth and abundance.