New Moon Card Reading
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New Moon Card Reading

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Card readings can provide insight into a specific question you choose to ask, telling you what you need to know about a particular situation, based on your current path. Tarot will not tell the future, it will simply provide guidance, allowing you to connect to your inner wisdom, shedding light on your options. You, always have the power to change the direction you are heading.

We urge you to read the descriptions of each option below and reflect on what you would like to get out of a reading before selecting a package!

(Please remember to add your email and a question in the notes section at your cart!)

Option 1:
1 Card - Tarot - $5

A single card reading can help provide some quick clarity to your current frame of mind, informing you of something the universe wants you to know or focus on.

Option 2:
4 Cards - 3 Tarot, 1 Oracle - $18

We recommend this option as a general reading. This will give you a piece of mind into where you are on your path and where the universe is calling you.

Option 3:
7 Cards + Pendulum Question - 5 Tarot, 2 Oracle - $28

If you feel like you are struggling or stuck where you are, this is the package for you! This option can help provide some in-depth life guidance, shedding light on your patterns and the area of healing which needs focus.

Please be patient, I am only one woman and readings will be completed in order as fast as possible.

Disclaimer: These readings are not intended to cause any emotional pain; however, some may cause distress and upset, whilst others may be the exact opposite. I am simply a messenger, delivering information to you on behalf of the universe. All readings are 100% confidential and will stay between us.

(You may receive a reading with more cards than outlined in you're selected option. It simply depends what the universe spits out.)


[There is only a limited quantity of each option available every week, so get in quick!]